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"The Think Quit programme is
a miracle it is incredible"

Di McDonald

"I will never smoke again"
Pam Gill

"I now have control over
something that had controlled
me for so long. Think quit is

Paul Clarke

"Think quit makes stopping

Susanne Martin

I feel absolutely wonderful, my
breathing is better, no more chest
pains or coughing, I feel so good,
so alive, happy and confident.

Di McDonald - Gold Coast
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How THINK QUIT works

Once you receive your program you will continue to smoke as you normally do for the first seven days. You will record each cigarette in the smoking diary section of your Fast Action Success Manual.

During this time you will listen to a short mindset session every morning and a hypnosis session in the evening. The sessions are short and easy to follow. Step by step your unconscious mind will be re-programmed to have no desire for cigarettes. Think Quit reaches deep into your unconscious, the part of the brain where unwanted habits are formed.

By ordering the Think Quit Pocket Therapist you will be a non-smoker before you know it. By owning the program you will have in your pocket at all times your very own, hypnotherapist, motivational coach, relaxation expert and much more. The Think Quit program is the equivalent of more than 12 hours worth of one on one therapy. The great thing is you get to play the sessions over and over again when ever you feel you need it. People have claimed it is like having your own quit buddy or motivational coach on hand 24 hours a day. The player is packed with additional bonus sessions to ensure your success.

You are going to find this whole process easier than you thought because Think Quit takes a holistic approach to becoming smoke free. By holistic I mean we will tackle both the physical challenges related to eliminating the smoking habit along with the mental/emotional issues and the nicotine cravings. In the past you may have attempted to quit smoking and lasted a day, a week or even longer. Unfortunately for some reason, you started smoking again otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Many people cite stress as a main smoking trigger and the number one reason why they started smoking again after stopping. Think Quit tackles stress from a number of angles giving you all the tools to cope with stress in a positive healthy way.

In Think Quit you will:
  • learn how to eliminate the triggers that have kept the old habit alive.
  • be told exactly how to crush the belief that you need to smoke as you are taken step by step through
    the Think Quit program.
  • be shown how to easily replace the old poisonous nicotine habit with new life giving, healthy and invigorating habits. This will work. The fact is there is not a program on the planet that covers in such detail the emotional and psychological reasons why you smoke.
  • be given all the tools to stop smoking, take control of your life and improve your health.
THINK QUIT uses a combination of the latest techniques to ensure the highest possible chance of success. One key to success is changing the way you think about smoking. Almost every session in Think Quit is aimed at creating a new mindset. In fact the initial trials had a 28 from 30 (93%) success rate. The 2 people who did not succeed admitted to not following the program properly and not giving it a fair go. If you are serious about your health and becoming s non-smoker then Think Quit will absolutely work.

Having a quit buddy. Tell a friend, family member or workmate and stop smoking together. Organise a group of 50 people or more and Mark will personally kick start your stop smoking program with a high energy, transformational Think Quit seminar. (See seminar highlights). One key factor for many successful quitters is the fact they had a quit buddy. There are in fact numerous advantages to having a quit buddy who is as serious as you are, when it comes to being smoke free. You may like to consider a friend, relative or workmate who could be your quit buddy. You may also like to have a quit buddy who is a non-smoker for extra support. If you are however the type of person who does many things alone and achieves success by yourself this is OK too as Think Quit can be your quit buddy.

THINK QUIT installs new images and thoughts in your unconscious/subconscious mind meaning the change takes place permanently.

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