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"The Think Quit programme is
a miracle it is incredible"

Di McDonald

"I will never smoke again"
Pam Gill

"I now have control over
something that had controlled
me for so long. Think quit is

Paul Clarke

"Think quit makes stopping

Susanne Martin

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"Hi Mark, Thank you so much. I cannot believe that after smoking for 43 years I am now smoke-free. I have had no withdrawal symptoms at all.In the past I have tried to quit smoking numerous times, with patches, nicobrevin tablets, nicobate lozenges and cold turkey. All have been disasters, nothing worked. The withdrawals and depression were horrendous. I felt alone, cried a lot and I was terribly bad tempered and agitated. Now I feel absolutely wonderful, my breathing is better, no more chest pains or coughing, I feel so good, so alive, happy and confident. Today as I type this email I feel as if a miracle has happened. Thank you Mark! The Think Quit programme is the miracle it is incredible."

Di McDonald - Smoke Free Sunshine Coast


"I started smoking 38 years ago when I was 17 years of age. On average I'd be smoking a pack to a pack and a half a day I have tried to quit lots of times and no success. I went through terrible cravings. It was just awful, gut wrenching cravings is the only way you could describe it. I tried the 5 day plan, that was a total disaster, I still had all the cravings. I tried Nicorette and patches. I got a rash from the patches, I got palpitations from the patches and I was still getting the cravings anyhow, so that was just a waste of money and time. Cold turkey! I was so bad on cold turkey. My husband actually went to the shops and bought me cigarettes and said here Pam, eat them I can't live with you, no one can..

I think with the think quit programme because you do that 7 days first you are so prepared. I was ready for the cravings, I was expecting cravings, but they were nowhere near any of the cravings that I had experienced in the past. Compared to other methods I was so prepared, I was ready. I had my alternatives there if I had a craving. I knew what I was going to do. I did it and it made life easy. I enjoy the ease of having that little MP4 player that you can just take anywhere with you. Its just a matter of if you're feeling a bit depressed or stressed if you are feeling anything there's something in the MP4 player that will look after that problem, so its very easy to use. The craving busting sessions were very, very good. As I said with the ease of the MP4 player particularly when I was at work, that's when I found I'd have more stress, I'd get to a point where normally when I was a smoker I'd have a cigarette, I'm stressed they'd go together. I just put the craving busting sessions on and I go session 1 o.k. I need 2 as well, that's good. It's so easy to do. You can do it on the spot. Instead of having a cigarette its just flick of the switch, put the earphones in, that's it, craving gone. Never, I will never ever smoke again. And I say that with confidence. I am just a different person, my health is better my attitude's better, my whole family are proud of me. I mean I have been smoking all those years and why? I will never smoke again."

Pam Gill - Gold Coast


"I had been smoking 35 to 40 cigarettes a day for the last 23 years and had tried numerous times to stop but without luck.I had been considering giving up smoking again and had been tossing up which method to use.A friend told me about Think Quit and I decided to give it a go. I would describe Think Quit as a complete package. There are ways you are taught to relieve stress.The programme is just full of things that you need to get you by. I tell myself I don't need cigarettes any more. I tell myself I'm better than that.My boys are very proud of me for what I'm doing. Think quit is the easiest way to stop smoking. It's changed my life and probably saved my life."

Donna Rogers - Sydney


"I started smoking at the age of 14, so I'd been smoking for around 36 years. I was extremely worried about my health and losing limbs. That was one of my great fears. The Think Quit program was very easy to use. I really enjoyed the fact there was no pressure on me to stop and all the while the hypnosis was working away in the background.

Something finally clicked. I really don't want a cigarette anymore. To see other people smoking makes me even more happy that I don't smoke. I feel instantly healthier. My advice would be get hold of the program, follow the instructions properly. It's only 7 days and after those 7 days if you've followed all the instructions, you're going to be fine. Think quit is probably one of the only ways that you'll stop smoking properly and completely. The changing of the hard wiring in my head is what I've been waiting to do for so long and yippee it's happened."

Fiona Henson - Sydney


"My mum was diagnosed with emphysema and I don't want to end up like that at her age. I tried quitting so many ways. I've tried with the patches, someone would come round with a smoke, I'd take the patch off and smoke. I tried the gum and I got ulcers all in my mouth. I've tried quitting cold turkey and everyone pretty much started hating me because I turned really bad, real cranky, so yeah nothing has worked up until now. It was like I was actually starting to feel like I was getting addicted to the hypnosis because it would make me feel a lot better. There were a few days therein the first week after I stopped where I was just bouncing round for no reason. I was talking to mum and bouncing around and smiling, it was really good. I think it's the easiest to stop smoking. With the patches, you can just take them off. Well with Think Quit, once it's in your mind and it gets so deep in your mind and makes you feel good that you are doing this. If you are thinking of stopping you have to try it. At the same time I think as long as you've got that will behind you and you believe that its going to work, its going to work."

Renae Hutchinsons - Sydney


"I knew I wanted to stop and my biggest fear was that I couldn't and now I don't even feel like one. If you've got any negative thoughts you have to get rid of them and Think Quit will help you do that.It was really easy.If you want to do it it's quite simple. All you have to do is follow the program.It's fresh, it's new, it's good, its factual. I'll never ever smoke again."

Josh Cairns - Sydney


"I always said I'd give it up when I was 50. I reached 50 and I was actually on patches and gum and I was still smoking. I was short of breath I couldn't exercise and I was getting colds more often. I listened to all of the craving busting sessions and I would pick a favourite one for the day, it might be No. 3 or No. 4 and then I'd play that one over a couple of times and then I'd go back to the beginning. Think Quit reinforces and rewires your brain. It's the only way to give it up because it not only deals with the physical addiction it deals with the mental stress of giving up smoking as well. I just feel I'm a non smoker and I know I will never touch another cigarette again. My son smokes at home and other people around me smoke but I am not tempted to smoke. Twice I had given up and this time it's different because now I feel like a non smoker. If you are thinking of stopping, stop straight away, don't waste anymore money, don't ruin your life any longer, don't let your health deteriorate anymore than it already has. Think quit makes stopping easy."

Susanne Martin - Sydney


"After smoking for more than 20 years I've tried just about every virtual stop smoking technique known to man. This included cold turkey, Zyban, Allan Carr the easy way to stop smoking, patches and the gum. The thing I liked most about the Think Quit programme was that the meditation and the hypnosis sessions were fantastic. I felt really calm throughout the process. And I also felt that I had something to go back to rather than when you normally give up smoking there's the anxiety of just having no backup, you're there alone living through the experience. With Think Quit I got great comfort from the meditation and the hypnosis sessions. In terms of the preparation I found the 7 day diary really quite simple and I can really see now looking back how important keeping that diary is. My main triggers for smoking actually came out of the 7 day diary that I kept and it was really fascinating.

My triggers were the morning coffee, stress, alcohol and smoking just out of habit. When you listen to the sessions morning and evening it helps you get everything right so that by the time Q day comes around you are totally prepared and have done all the foundation to be ready for that moment when you stop. I went on a conference which I was a little bit nervous about as it was the first big test. I had people around me that were smoking and at no point did I feel like having a cigarette, it was fantastic. One of the things that really stood out for me when I was going through the programme was the Time Line Therapy. I had nine smoking triggers and identifying them and going back to the origin of that trigger was just brilliant. It was a great release of whatever you connected to that trigger. And you could apply that to any aspect of your life. Think Quit is a very comprehensive concept and you are actually given a great deal of support. I feel much better about myself now that I don't smoke. I now have control over something that had controlled me for so long. Think quit is fantastic."

Paul Clarke - Sydney

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