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"The Think Quit programme is
a miracle it is incredible"

Di McDonald

"I will never smoke again"
Pam Gill

"I now have control over
something that had controlled
me for so long. Think quit is

Paul Clarke

"Think quit makes stopping

Susanne Martin
Think Quit, by Mark Stephens

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To download your bonus audio session you will need to type:

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Available for download will be:

Session 1. Relaxation session that you can list to during your Seven-Day Preparation Program as well as once you have stopped smoking.
(13.6 MB MP3 file)
Session 2. A Hypnosis session to help you change your mind set about smoking and can be listened to the night before Q-Day
(25.2 MB MP3 file)
Session 3 . The main Q-Day stop smoking hypnosis session and is to be listed to first thing on Q-Day and repeatedly as needed during the first three to four weeks.
(24.3 MB MP3 file)

Think Quit details everything you need to know to quit smoking forever and provides all the motivational tools and hypnotherapy guidelines you'll require. It shows you how to: Overcome the physical and mental challenges of quitting; Identify and overcome your smoking triggers; Change the way you think about reaching for another cigarette; Avoid weight gain while quitting; Crush nicotine cravings instantly; Memorise easy relaxation techniques to eliminate stress; Say no when offered a cigarette; Think of yourself as a non-smoker; Replace smoking with new healthy invigorating activities. If you've tried to give up smoking before and been lured back to it, are worried about putting on weight while quitting, are sick of spending too much money on a very unhealthy habit, and are seriously ready to stop smoking, this book is for you.

Check with your local book retailer for the book. If you are having difficulty finding the book, please contact us by using our online contact form

Author : Mark Stephens   
Format : Paperback
ISBN(13) : 9781742373140
ISBN(10) : 1742373143
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Imprint : Arena
Publication Date (AUS) : March 2010
Pages : 288

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