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"The Think Quit programme is
a miracle it is incredible"

Di McDonald

"I will never smoke again"
Pam Gill

"I now have control over
something that had controlled
me for so long. Think quit is

Paul Clarke

"Think quit makes stopping

Susanne Martin

You can do it on the spot.
Instead of having a cigarette it’s
just a flick of the switch, put the
earphones in, that's it, craving

Pam Gill - Gold Coast
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What’s in the program?

Think Quit uses a combination of strategies including:
  • Advanced Hypnosis (direct, indirect, metaphors and hypnotic language)
  • Time Line Therapy ®
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Chi Kung
  • Yoga breathing
  • Acu-points
  • Motivation
  • The latest psychological techniques
  • Replacement strategies
  • Technology
You get an MP4 player (similar to an Ipod) pre-loaded with 39 audio hypnosis and motivation sessions. The player also has 23 video sessions all aimed at helping you become smoke free after only seven days.

You get a 100 page Fast Action Success Manual full of great tips and strategies.

Attend a Think Quit retreat or seminar

Stop smoking at a Think Quit seminar, weekend or a Think Quit 7 Day Retreat. Be supported every step of the way to become smoke free forever.

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Think Quit MP4 player Audio contents        
Introduction part 1 15 min   Day 7 part 3 TLT2 5 min
Introduction part 2 15 min Day 7 part 3 TLT3 10 min
Introduction part 3 17 min Disconnecting past connections 27 min
Unwind & Soften 15 min Q-Day sessions  
Think Quit day 1 17 min Smoke free hypnosis 26 min
Soften and relaxhypnosis 14 min Smoking Aversion hypnosis 25 min
Think Quit day 2 17 min BONUS craving busting sessions  
Inner-smilevisualisation 19 min Craving busting session #1 2 min
Think Quit day 3 15 min Craving busting session #2 3 min
Message in a bottlehypnoisis 17 min Craving busting session #3 3 min
Think Quit day 4 17 min Craving busting session #4 4 min
Increased confidencehypnosis 18 min Craving busting session #5 5 min
Think Quit day 5 18 min Craving busting session #6 5 min
Positive Resources Part 1 12 min Craving busting session #7 11min
Positive Resources Part 2 15 min BONUS hypnosis sessions  
Blue print for perfect health 26 min Think SlimMove It 15 min
Think Quit day 6 18 min Massive motivation 26 min
Feel happy Hypnosis 24 min Alcohol Aversion 23 min
Think Quit Day 7 part 1 18 min The New You 11 min
Day 7 part 2 17 min Anti depression 25 min
Day 7 part 3 TLT1 22 min    

Think Quit MP4 player VIDEO contents


Swish patterns


Habit Busters

01 Disclaimer 09 Anger 17 Smoke to activity
02 Introduction 10 Bored 18 Smoke to apple
03 Tortoise Pose 11 Coffee 19 Smoke to calm
04 Balance the heart 12 Drinking 20 Smoke to freedom
05 Serenity 13 Driving 21 Smoke to fresh air
06 Self massage 14 Eating 22 Smoke to orange
07 Pressure points feet 15 Stress 23 Smoke to water
08 Crystal cave healing visualisation 16 Wake up 24 Stop smoking acu-points

If you were to attend my office for one on one sessions everything in the program would be in excess of $6,000.00. The great thing is you will be able to use many sessions again and again to positively affect your life.

Hypnosis sessions you can listen to repeatedly      
Soften and relax 14 min   Smoking Aversion 25 min
Inner-smile visualisation 19 min Massive motivation 26 min
Message in a bottle 17 min Think Slim the New You 11 min
Increased confidence 18 min Think Slim Move It 15 min
Blue print for perfect health 26 min Think Sleep Unwind and Soften 15 min
Feel happy 24 min Alcohol aversion 23 min
Disconnecting past connections 27 min Feel Happy 24 min
Smoke free 26 min Anti-depression session 25 min

Imagine never craving a cigarette again
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Bonus hypnosis session content


Soften and relax
This 14 minute hypnosis session will help you completely unwind and relax. Your mind will be trained to quieten and your body will learn to totally let go of tension. This session can be used for a power nap or to help you sleep better.

The Inner-smile is a 19 minute Chi-Kung visualisation that allows you to send healing energy to different parts of your body. This session also helps you to prepare for the healing that will take place within you.

Message in a bottle
This 17 minute hypnosis session will help you tap in to your inner resources and begin to reprogram your brain and body for a life of being smoke free.

Increased confidence
If you have lacked the confidence to succeed at stopping the cigarette addiction this session will help you have greater faith in your own ability. In fact this session will help you be more confident in any area of your life.

Blue print for perfect health
Your body knows how to heal itself. In this 26 minute hypnosis session you will create an environment where your body can begin to rejuvenate and heal. This session can be used on a regular basis to promote healing.

Feel happy
During 24 powerful minutes you will learn how to turn off the feel bad switch inside as you begin to feel happy for no reason at all.

  Disconnecting Past Connections
This 27 min session will take you through every association you have to smoking and will help you disconnect the need to ever smoke again.

Think Slim
Move It
Another bonus session from Think Slim, Move it is a 15 minute session and can be listened to while you are being active. It motivates you to be more active while you are being active.

Massive motivation
This is a 26 minute session to help you focus on your goal and create a mental blueprint for success. In fact you can use massive motivation to help you reach any goal in your life.

Alcohol aversion
If alcohol is a problem for you and a main trigger that causes you to smoke, listen to this session and start making choices that will help you be healthy.

Think Slimthe New You
This 11 minute bonus session is from the incredibly successful Think Slim program. If you are worried about putting on weight listen to this session on a regular basis.

Anti-depression session.
Some people after giving up smoking report mild to moderate feelings of depression. This session is designed to help you let go of the past and feel good about yourself. If you are ever feeling down listen to this session to help you be free from the shackles of past associations such as smoking. This session is general and can be used to help you let go of any past event.

100% satisfaction guarantee

The Think Quit MP4 Pocket Therapist will help you stop smoking quickly, safely and permanently.

We know from experience the effect Think Quit will have on your life! That's why we're willing to take all the risk out of your decision to invest in the programme. Order today. You have absolutely nothing to lose except the nasty habit and everything to gain. Call now and take action immediately so you can finally stop smoking!


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